A B O U T   R O C K T A I L S


We are passionate about mixology. Each of our four blends are brimming with botanicals and fruits expertly selected from around the world to ensure the most unique flavour.  

Rocktails offers a world of possibility to enjoy expertly mixed cocktails without the fuss - either alcohol free or with a dash of tipple.

Just simply freeze, squeeze and serve for refreshing frozen cocktails, pour straight over ice for a long drink or shake over ice to create martinis. A sip of escapism from the everyday.

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We’re Chris and Katie. We met in 2013 and shared our passion for mixology. We started experimenting with many unique, botanical ingredients to see if we could create the sort of bar quality cocktails that we serve at our restaurant, with integrity. After much experimenting over many months, we found a way to seal our blends in pouches to allow people to enjoy our experiential cocktails at home or on the go. We hope the world loves them as much as we do.