Do rocktails contain any alcohol?

No, we are certified as free from alcohol 

How should I serve my rocktail?

Rocktails are ready to drink, after chilling in the fridge.  The serve is crucial to the craft of the drink and the experience of the flavour. One key consideration of rocktails is that the drink is served in either a stemmed balloon glass or slim highball glass over ice, garnished with a generous twist of grapefruit peel. This enlivens and accentuates the botanicals and brings the full experience of the ingredients to the fore.

Is it an alcohol-free spirit?

No. We have taken the craft of distillation and applied it to a soft drink

Is it a mixer?

We are a craft soft drink to be enjoyed from the bottle to the glass. However, it has been known that people like to enjoy serving us with their favourite tipple. Rocktails are only gently sparkling, so if you are looking for a more sophisticated mixer then it does pair well with citrus led gin and premium vodka.

What is steam distillation - how are rocktails created?

Steam extracts the essential oils by capturing the molecules without damaging or burning the delicate components. The steam is condensed to a liquid that contains the natural oils, flavour and aroma. Our distillates are then second distilled to create a cleaner more rounded flavour ingredient. This is often distinct from other less refined methods of distilling. These distillates are blended with organic agave nectar and this forms the base of the blend. This is then topped up with spring water, micro filtered and then lightly carbonated to add a spritz.

Is there any sugar in a rocktail?

We are classified as very low in sugar, with just 2.6g per 100ml from a dash of organic agave. That is a quarter of that of many soft drinks and tonics on the shelf, from an organic source too.

Are there any allergens?

Rocktails is free from any listed allergens.